Lyle Juravsky - President

Lyle is a graduate of Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba. After graduating with top marks in 1984, he went directly to work at IBM's Toronto development lab. For 2 ½ years, he did chip design and hardware development.

In early 1987, Lyle moved from hardware to software. Still with IBM, Lyle started using C++ (then still a relatively obscure language) and other object oriented technologies to solve problems for IBM's complex manufacturing processes.

In 1988, Lyle started his own company; Juravsky & Associates Inc (JAI). Since then, JAI has focused on two objectives:
1) Providing highly skilled software development and consulting services in the latest programming technologies
2) Providing the best object oriented training in the latest languages.

To better reflect the growing training and development business, Lyle changed the name of Juravsky & Associates to Mind Charger Technologies. With the new name came a larger staff, and state-of-the-art facilities all the while maintaining a passion to provide the best object oriented training and development possible.

Lyle teaches and develops in Java, C++ and VB. He has worked with Java since pre-version 1. As for VB, Lyle can remember when the "Basic" had no "Visual". His experience with C++ dates back to CFront.

To date, Lyle has developed over 20 highly rated courses on object oriented technologies like OOAD, C++, Java, XML and .NET. With each language come the latest technologies including .NET and EJB to name a few. In all his courses, he stresses his passion to write code in "the object oriented way".

Lyle still teaches a large number of courses at Mind Charger and is involved in all aspects of the company's training and project development. His projects range from small single-user applications to complicated, web-enabled, distributed, multi-user n-tier programs.